8A vs. 8B Bobbing for Apples Duel

Mr. Westra and Mrs. Durnin’s grade 8 classes participated in a bobbing for apples duel in the F.E Madill gym on Oct. 31st.  Each class picked 5 people to bob against each other one on one. The pair had 1:00 min to get as many apples as possible for their class. Both classes recorded data : time to get first apple, total number of apples and total apples per duel.  We took the data and made tables and histograms to display it.

9. a) After looking at the graphs my conclusion is that 8B won. In the first frequency table 8B got all of their first apples in 0-60 seconds, most of them (4) in the first 0-20 seconds. 8A got all of their first apples in 0 -100 seconds. Therefore, on average 8A took longer to get their first apples than 8B did. In the second table (total number of apples) it shows 8B got 28 apples and 8A only got 12 .8B got 16 more apples than 8A in total. In the third table it shows that 8B has a higher mean and median than 8A, but 8A has a higher mode. The fourth table shows on average it took 8B 17.71 seconds to get their first apple, it took 8A an average of 33.86 seconds to get their first apples. The obvious winner is 8B considering they beat 8A in every table.

b) My inference is that the video 8B seen in class helped to prepare the bobbers to get the most apples possible. I also think that 8A was shocked by the amount of apples 8B got in the first duel and gave up.

c) The overall winner of the bobbing for apples duel is 8B.

–   hdurnin


Our Life and Yours – Idea Hive

 –  Becca Neidle

The Idea Hive is our school F.E. Madill and J. H. Kerr from Snow Lake, Manitoba. We are working together. So far we have skyped and asked each other questions about what life is like in our communities. We got to find out the different types of jobs, wildlife, sports teams and about the environment in Manitoba. We both completed a survey and are now looking at common interests between us. The reason we are working together is to learn how to interact with people that aren’t in the same area as us. Also, how to get our ideas across and understood properly through the computer. Idea Hive greatly benefits us by teaching us different ways to communicate. We also learn about different people across Canada and their lifestyle. This will help to prepare us for employment opportunities that include having to share our ideas with others, which nowadays most workplaces are looking for.

  Something I have in common with most people from Snow Lake is, what insect/critter/gross living thing do you hate the most? My answer was spiders, as well as, Jordan, Katie, Holly,Tayla and Logan. I’ve hated spiders ever since I was little. I would scream and yell for my parents to come kill them if I ever seen one and still do.

Something I have in common with a few people from Snow Lake is my dream vacation.  Taelor K, Justin and myself all want to go to Hawaii. I would love to go to Hawaii because I want to lay on the beach and look at the beautiful blue water. A few of my friends went before and have told me stories about how much they loved it which makes me want to go even more.

  Something that was unique to me was someday I’d also hope to travel around the world and live in a different country. I want to do this because I want to see all the different parts of the world and meet lots of new people. I enjoy hearing stories about people’s travels and would love to share my experiences one day. Learning about all the different cultures and lifestyles of people all around the world would be amazing.

The person from Snow Lake that is most like me is Logan. We both don’t play any instruments, love to travel, as well as, favourite websites- Facebook and Youtube. Our favourite food is pizza. My favourite kind of pizza is meat eaters! We both look up to an older sibling and hate spiders.

   Overall Idea Hive is teaching us many different things. It shows me how everyone has different opinions and ideas. It also shows me that we have many similarities as well. It tells me that even though we live so far away some of us are still interested in a lot of the same things. I hope this helps me to get my ideas across clearer and teaches me about a new community I would have never known about. I wonder if the career I choose will involve working with others around the world ?

About Me

I’m an 8B Mustang at F.E. Madill.